tfg 508 accessibility compliance outline

TFG has coded this site to be as accessibility compliant as possible for a site with mostly visual content. Accessibility coding can and does require a great deal of added time in both authoring and testing and was implemented on this site to showcase its availability as a value added option for TFG clients.

Standards Compliance

Navigation Accessibility

  • All navigation/menus are reader-accessible. Javascript must be turned on for the sighted to view the menu in Internet Explorer only.
  • Pages degrade gracefully in older browsers.
  • Text sizing options are available since the designer chose to use pixels for font sizing.
  • Skip links to navigation and content were provided.
  • Tables were used for data only. Summary and scope attributes were used.
  • Access Keys have been used to facilitate keyboard navigation (see Access Key Legend to the right).
  • All links have title attributes which describe the link in greater detail.
  • Links have been provided for download of all plug-ins used.
  • Targeted links have a “new window” alert in the title tag.

Visual Accessibility

  • This site uses cascading style sheets for visual layout.
  • If your browser or browsing device does not support stylesheets or you have stylesheets turned off or otherwise overridden, the content is still logically presented and readable.
  • Browsing is possible with images turned off.
  • Four graduating font size stylesheets are provided for more accessible viewing.
  • No blinking images were used on the main site pages although several of the multimedia files are animations.

access key legend

Keyboard Function*


*Mac users substitute CTRL for ALT.
ALT + access keyMozilla 1.x
Netscape 6.x
Netscape 7.x
ALT + access key, EnterInternet Explorer 5.x+
IBM HomePageReader
Shift + Esc + access keyOpera 7.x+
Access keys not supportedNetscape 4.x

Access Key


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